Pillar cassette seal type GAKEM adopted the knife edge seal(*1) to the seal surface, which reduce the power consumption, making it possible to reduce the running cost. Pillar cassette seal is applicable to a wide range of fluids from fresh water to chemical fluid and slurry liquid. Pillar cassette seal will not require any experience of installation, can easily install by only four actions.
*1) Seal end surface is formed to sharp-knife edge shape at one side.
  • Adoption of knife edge seal
    Since the knife edge seal has very minimal seal surface width, the sliding torque is small and the power consumption is few, making it possible to reduce the running cost compared to conventional mechanical seal.
  • Applicable to wide-range of fluids
    Knife edge seal provides a narrow seal surface width and a high surface pressure, it serves to prevent the high-viscosity fluid or coagulative fluid from being caught by the seal surface, assuring the excellent sealing performance by cutting and removing such coagulant.
  • No experience required for installation
    1. Insert the Pillar cassette seal into the shaft.
    2. Fix the flange to the stuffing box.
    3. Fixing to the shaft with set screw
    4. Remove the set claw.With the above steps, installation is completed. Unlike the installation of conventional seal, it is not necessary to execute such works as to adjust the seal installation position, or to clean the seal end surface, etc.
  • Working temperature range
    -20 – +150°C
  • Applicable application condition
Basic Construction