Microwave PC Board Material “PILAR PC-CLAD” is the ideal copper-clad laminates for micro to millimeter wave circuits.
“PILLAR PC-CLAD” which minimizes the variety in thickness and dielectric properties through our own unique forming technology is a fluorocarbon resin board for high-frequency circuits.
It is made with high quality prepreg that utilizes superior coating technology.
“PILLAR PC-CLAD” is ideal for multi-layer printed circuit boards, as well as a double-sided printed circuit boards for micro to millimeter wave equipment. We have also obtained many patents for related technologies.
  • Low-loss board for micro to millimeter wave bands
    PILLAR PC-CLAD affords superior antenna and circuit characteristics.
  • Low coefficient of absorption, and allows very little chemical permeation
    Properties of PILLAR PC-CLAD are not affected by moisture, so it can be widely utilized regardless of conditions.
  • Superior copper foil adhesion
    Maintains adhesion strength to enhance reliability of fine patterns.
  • Ideal for multi-layer boards
    Original perperg multi-layering technology enables PILLAR PC-CLAD to withstand hot solder and obtain the same dielectric properties for all insulation layers, making PILLAR PC-CLAD ideal for multi-layering of high-frequency. Low temperature molding products are also available.

*Please refer to below catalog pdf.

Basic Constitution
  • Automotive: 76-81GHz Radar, V2X Communication
  • Wireless Infra: Antenna, Small Cell 5G, Backhaul
  • Wired Infra: High speed data center, High speed E/O, O/E
  • Various application on micro to millimeter wavebands