The Pillar P#3300-F is a rod type joint sealant made by uniaxial stretched ePTFE (soft PTFE) with adhesive on one side. ePTFE has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, high flexibility and cleanliness which is best for chemical plant and clean room area. P#3300-F can cut by customer’s required dimension at the site during Turn Around maintenance or emergency maintenance.
  • Piping Flange, Manholes, etc.
  • Duct Flange.
  • Maintenance seal.

– Temperature -100 ~ +200°C
– Pressure 3.3MPaG
– Gasket factor (m) 1.5
– Minimum tightening pressure(Y) 17.2N/mm2 (for Gas), 3.4 N/mm2 (for Liquid)

Usage Example