To provide the seismic isolating building with furthermore high seismic isolation performance, Nippon Pillar has developed the seismically isolated sliding bearing to which the fluorine resin of low-friction characteristic is applied.
Installing this seismically isolated sliding bearing at the underside of relatively lightweight structure such as attached facility (elevator, staircase, surrounding short-story) will allow the seismic isolation system to be furthermore effective.
  • The friction coefficient comes in three types, and the sliding bearing is slid at smaller friction coefficient.
    TYPE-A: μ=0.013 TYPE-B: μ=0.1 TYPE-C: μ=0.05
  • The sliding bearing of this type makes it possible to readily assure the seismic isolation for a wide range of applications from short-story building to high-story building, factory facility, personal housing, etc.
  • The sliding bearing of this type makes it possible to solve various problems such as follow-up to drastic transformation, prolonged cycle, etc.
  • Since the sliding bearing of this type is of simplified construction, it can assure the simplified maintenance control.
  • Since the sliding bearing of this type has extremely low height, it is best suitable to the seismic isolation layer such as underside of elevator, underside of elevator staircase, retrofit, etc. where the space(height) is limited.Since the pile is not rigidly coupled to the upper structure, it is possible to examine the upper structure and lower structure separately.
Standard Design Conditions