P#1200G-H Expanded Graphite Coated Metal Corrugated Gasket
Pillar P#1200G-H is a gasket with metal plate (SUS316L or eq.) corrugated and laminated by Pillarfoil🄬 sheet. It has excellent features such as high sealability at low tightening pressure, high compression amount and high followability of equipment precision.



  • Operating temperature -200°C~+450°C (in the case of oxidization atmosphere, ~400°C)
  • Max. pressure 5.2MPaG (Class 300)
  • Pipe flange/valve bonnet used for high temperature steam, oil etc.
  • Min. designed tightening stress y(N/mm²) = 25.5
  • Gasket factor m = 2
  • Min. tightening stress Y(N/mm²) = 39.2
Structure of P#1200G-H