The Pillar type ARII seal adopts special carbon having excellent lubricity make it possible for the pump to perform the dry operation (preceding stand-by operation). Consequently, it is possible to simplify the accessories, no need of flushing and water injection.
Splitting the consumable parts make it possible to improve the maintainability.
  • Applicable dry operation
    Since the mechanical seal adopts the special carbon having excellent lubricity developed by Pillar, it has become possible to perform the aerial operation (preceding stand-by operation) for over 1 hour.
  • Enhanced maintainability
    Since the consumable parts are split, maintenance can be done without disassemble the equipment. Thus enhancing the maintainability.
  • No sealant system
    Pillar ARII seal is possible to perform without flushing or water injection during normal operation as well as dry operation (*warranty hour is different from non-dry).
    It is not necessary to arrange the seal water system which allowing the pump unit to become simple.
Basic Construction