RRG Seal (Contact, dry running)
Pillar RRG mechanical seal is used as secondary seal in tandem seal. Groove on the seal face reduces load to the seal and contributes longer life.
Since the seal ring is grooved for reduction of load and is impregnated with special lubricant, it can assure the stabilized sealing performance for a long time.
  • Environment friendly seal unit
    Pillar RRG seal is an environment friendly seal unit which will not allow a small amount of leak from primary seal to be diffused in the atmosphere.
  • Seal system requiring no reservoir
    Pillar RRG seal doesn’t require reservoir, it can save the space and reduce the cost.
  • Long-time dry sliding realized
    The seal ring is grooved for reduction of load and is impregnated with special lubricant, it is applicable to the dry running.
  • Space-saving/static type cartridge seal
  • Process pump
Basic Construction
PPG Seal (Non-contact, dry running)
The Pillar PPG (Pillar Phoenix Groove) seal is Hydrodynamic dry gas seal designed with non-contact, which seal surface is uniquely grooved to use the dynamic pressure effectively by the multi-barrier.
It is applicable to a wide range of applications from centrifugal compressor to the steam turbine and blower.
  • Multi-groove type, assuring stabilized sealing performance
    The divided multi-groove serves to maintain the desired parallelism between seal surfaces, and further to minimize the change in leak rate. Besides, the leak rate in this case is approx. 1/1000 of that for labyrinth seal, as the clearance between seal surfaces is minimal or several micrometers.
  • Minimized power consumption
    Since the power is used only for shearing gas at seal area, the power consumption is extremely limited as compared with contact seal.
  • Space-saving cartridge type
    The PPG seal is a cartridge type seal which rotary side is integral with the static side, allowing the seal to be handled easily.
  • Applicable to rotation in both directions
    Since the groove is bilaterally symmetric, it is applicable regardless of rotating direction.
  • Turbine, blower
Basic Construction