Pillar P#5600 TECHNOGRAPH® is a sheet gasket composed of expanded graphite and inorganic fiber as a main raw material, ensuring strength with aramid fiber and rubber binder. P#5600 has excellent seal performance under high temperature steam conditions and has an excellent flexibility for handling properties.
  • Excellent high heat resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Available for large diameter equipment

– Temperature -50 ~ +260°C
– Pressure 4.0MPa
– Minimum gasket factor (m) 2.75
– Minimum designed tightening pressure(y) 25.5N/mm2(for water , steam)
– Minimum tightening pressure(Y) 14.7N/mm2 (for water, steam)
39.2 N/mm2 (for gas)
Note-1: The value shows the when gasket thickness t = 1.5mm