The vibration, displacement or deflection may occur at the expansion point such as corridor, roof, etc. of building structure due to earthquake, wind or temperature change.
The Pillar Uniton bearing is a bearing provided with “Roller function” and “Pin function” in combination, which works to absorb such displacement and deflection, to enhance the safety of structure.
It has been adopted a lot to diversified market including building or civil work.
  • Since the Pillar UniTon bearing uses fluorine plastic having high self-lubricity on its sliding surface, it assures the roller(sliding) function at low friction.
  • The sealed elastomer(chloroprene rubber) assures the pin function(absorption of deflection and angle) freely in any direction.
  • It is possible to equip the safety stopper of each type(prevention of excessive movement, floating) within bearing.
  • Since the Pillar Uniton bearing is designed compactly, it can be installed easily.
  • The Pillar Uniton bearing is available in rich assortment, and is compatible even to special design requirement.
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