The PILLAR FLUOROGOLD® is made by joining the PILAFLON(PTFE) firmly to the metal plate. The PILLAR FLUOROGOLD serves to absorb the displacement of building caused due to earthquake, wind, temperature change, etc. by sliding the sliding bearing.
It has been applied to the diversified structures such as connecting corridor, roof, bridge, piping, boiler, electric dust collector, etc.
The PILAFLON(PTFE) of FLUOROGOLD is mixed with the special filling material, to provide the function to its maximum level as a sliding bearing.
  • The sliding bearing slides at low friction coefficient. [Approx. 0.06(=μ) under low speed condition]
  • Since the sliding bearing plate is self-lubricated, it can be used for a long time without maintenance
  • Since the sliding bearing plate is extremely compact or has the standard thickness of 5.6mm, it can be designed easily
  • The sliding bearing plate is applicable to a wide temperature range