The insulating bolt is a functional part indispensable to insulating pipe flange used for positive prevention of gas/oil/city water pipeline from electrical corrosion as well as electrical corrosion generated due to electrical potential difference between dissimilar metals. is lined firmly on the PILLAR’s insulating bolt body, it can assure the excellent insulation performance and stabilized corrosion/weather resisting performance.
  • The PILLAR’s insulating bolts provides the excellent corrosion/weather resisting performance
  • Since the insulation part is provided with increased strength, it assures the stabilized insulation performance for a long time
  • Since the outside diameter of bolt is the same as that of ordinary bolt, it is easy to handle, and provides the excellent workability
  • The PILLAR’s insulating bolts provides the increased dielectric breakdown strength and specific volume resistance as well as excellent insulation performance
Basic Construction