Each piping used for city water, gas, plant, large oil tanker, etc. may be expanded/shrunk due to fluid temperature, outside air temperature change, etc.
For conventional U-bolt & support material, the undesirable phenomena (occurrence of deformation or distortion in frame, occurrence of crack in pipe) occurred, or the electrical corrosion, fire, etc. occurred, which brought about problems.
The PILAFLON U-bolt & pad function to prevent such problems previously.
  • The self-lubricating type PILAFLON material having low friction coefficient serves to expand/shrink the piping smoothly
  • The PILAFLON U-bolt & pad provides the excellent weather/load/wear/chemical/heat resisting performance
  • The PILAFLON U-bolt & pad for land use provides the electrical insulation performance for prevention of electrical corrosion
  • The PILAFLON U-bolt & pad for marine use is electrically conductive for prevention of fire