Pillar “CHEMI-MIGHTY-II” type EAB is a general-purpose type dry contact seal for agitator, in which the stationary seat and shaft packing use the fluorine rubber O-ring having excellent heat and chemical resistance.
Since this seal does not require such sealant supply unit like in double seal, it is possible to reduce the equipment cost.
*The PTFE bellows type (type WCB) is also available, in which the O-ring is not used for shaft packing.
  • Unnecessary of Accessories
    EAB seal is a dry contact seal, it is not necessary to arrange the accessories such as sealant circulation unit, pressurizing tank, seal pot, etc., assuring the reduce cost of equipment investment.
  • Free from contamination
    Since the sealant is not used, it can prevent any contamination because no sealant will not enter to the vessel.
    This can extremely reduce mixing of abrasion particle as compared with the gland packing.
  • Reduce maintenance
    Since the seal components are arranged at the outside of main equipment, the maintenance is easily executable.
    It is possible to reduce the routine maintenance, because the control of sealant is unnecessary.
  • Wide application range
    Since the balance type seal is used for standard application, it is possible to seal the inside of vessel from full-vacuum up to positive pressure(0.4MPa).
Basic Construction