“Pilaflon🄬” is Pillar original PTFE resin, has many excellent characteristics such as chemical resistance, flame resistance, electricity resistance and cleanliness. Pilaflon gasket is mainly used in chemical industry (acid, alkali), food industry and medicine industry.
Pillar P#4001, P#4002 and P#4003 main raw material is Pilaflon (PTFE) combined with suitable filler material for each application. This improved the creep characteristic which often become main problem in general PTFE gasket.
Low creep and excellent Acid resistance
High compression characteristics
Low creep and excellent Alkali resistance. Best suitable to food application
  • P#4001
    Best for strong Acid (except hydrofluoric acid), hydrogen, water and steam.
    (*Not suit for strong Alkali. For Alkali, please select P#4003)
  • P#4002
    Best for lining flange and pipe that requires low tightening torque and substitution of enveloped gasket.
  • P#4003
    Best for strong Alkali and oxygen. Also applicable to the food application in safe.