The Pilaflon PFA tube is made of NEW PFA which is best for the application in semiconductor/LCD market where the cleanliness is required and provides the excellent heat/chemical/weather resisting performance.
  • Excellent heat resisting
    Able to use wide temperature range of -196°C~260°C.
  • Excellent chemical resisting
    Will not be affected by almost all chemicals and solvents.
  • Excellent weather resisting
    Will not absorbs neither moisture nor water, it will not be affected by outdoor weather.
  • Excellent non-adhesiveness
    Any substance can be easily removed even if it is adhered temporarily.
  • Electrical characteristic
    Provides excellent insulation resistance, dielectric breakdown and dielectric characteristic.
  • Non-eluded harmful substance
    Does not elute the impurities such as metal ion, etc.
  • Chemical / Solvent (semiconductor-related equipment)
  • Each liquid, gas (production of chemical industrial product, medicine)
  • Viscous fluid (production of food)
  • Equipment (electrical equipment) requiring insulation/high-dielectric characteristic
Applicable standards

The Pilaflon® PFA tube has passed the “Material test and elution test of container/packing made of synthetic resin” shown in D-2 of No.3 of standard (announcement No.370 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1959) for foods/additives, etc.

Dimension: Millimeter
Dimension: Inch