The SUPER-300 PILLAR fitting® is completely a new joint made of PFA/PTFE resin, designed to use radial force as opposed to axial force to achieve High sealing performance.
Furthermore, Pillar unique Gauge Ring makes audible “click” when union nut has reached to the proper tightening position which improves tightening management.
SUPER 300 fitting has 90% share of the global market in semiconductor cleaning equipment application where requires strict sealing performance and cleanliness.
  • Excellent stability of Sealing performance
    Assure high sealing performance for long period and resistible against heat cycle by new sealing design.
  • Low pressure loss & excellent fluid displacement
  • Easy Assemble
    Anyone can easily assemble SUPER 300 fitting by unique Gauge Ring.
    Skill is not required.
  • Contribution to downsizing / low cost of equipment
    SUPER 300 fitting line up with over 20,000 variations include space saving type.
    Using space saving type will…
    – Make it possible to design compact and simple equipment.
    – Reduce connection point and reduce the labor cost of tightening union nut.
  • Cleanliness and high quality
    Nippon Pillar is the first company in the world to produce PFA/PTFE fitting in cleanroom to provide clean and quality sure fitting for Semiconductor & LCD markets. This becomes De Facto Standard in worldwide today, but we continue to improve with our Motto “Quality first”.

The following products are also available in addition to those shown above. When such products are necessary, consult Nippon Pillar.
– Super type Pillar fitting
– Quartz fitting for pipe made of quartz
– Flexible tube fitting
– PFA tube
– Heat exchanger