Pillar P#2600 is a Spiral Wound Gasket using Pillarfoil (expanded graphite) tape for the filler. P#2600 has high reliability for high pressure and high temperature applications such as high pressure steam, ammonia, etc.
  • To users who use the asbestos base spiral wound gasket.
  • Wide range application.
    P#2600 assures the stabilized sealing performance for a long time at wide temperature range.
    It is also possible to apply wide range of fluid, as it uses SUS304 for standard material, having excellent corrosion resistance to the hoop and inner /outer ring.
  • Easy replace from Asbestos spiral wound gasket
    P#2600 can replace asbestos base spiral wound gasket without change of tightening control.
Pillar spiral wound gasket series
  • Working temperature range
    -200°C – +600°C
    (450°C for oxidizing atmosphere)
  • Maximum working pressure
    43.1 MPa
  • Minimum design tightening pressure
    (For gas sealing, 39.2N/mm2 per unit projection area of seal)
  • Gasket coefficient