The connection(pile head) of pile supporting the building has conventionally been coupled(rigid coupling) by fixing method.
Since the pile head was damaged in the earthquake occurred offshore Miyagi Pref. and the earthquake occurred in southern area of Hyogo Pref., the P/R pile research council was established, to develop the coupling method in which the pile head was not rigidly coupled.
The P/R pile research council conducted each experiment, to acquire general assessment (BCJ assessment – FD0013) from the Foundation, Building Center of Japan ahead of industry in Mar.2001, and further tried to improve the performance and cost repeatedly, to acquire the additional assessment(BCJ assessment – D0013-02).
  • Clarification of pile head coupling status
    It is possible to clarify the status of coupling between pile head and footing.
  • Reduced damage in pile head due to earthquake
    The centralized stress is reduced at head of pile.
  • Reduced sectional area of upper structure
    The bending moment to be transmitted from pile to upper structure is reduced radically.
  • Rationalized pile foundation design
    Since the pile is not rigidly coupled to the upper structure, it is possible to examine the upper structure and lower structure separately.