The carbon ring and phenol resin product have been conventionally used for compressor for chemical industry and compressor for automation. At present, however, the ring which does not use any lubrication oil has become spotlighted. Since the conventional type ring tended to be worn due to gas, and was extremely fragile, the unexpected accident would occur in some case during operation. Since the Pilaflon® piston ring was developed through repeated long-time research and result, and has come to be used as a lubrication-free piston ring making up for the conventional disadvantages as well as a piston ring for special gas compressor, which has been thought to be impossible in the past, it assures the satisfactory result.
  • The piston ring of this type requires no lubricant, and provides the decreased friction coefficient and excellent wear-resisting performance.
  • The piston ring of this type is applicable to a wide temperature range of -100°C up to 220°C.
  • The piston ring of this type provides the excellent chemical-resisting performance, it is applicable to almost all gases and fluids.
  • Since the piston ring of this type is resistible against sudden shock, it will never be broken.
  • Pressure : 9.8MPa
  • Temperature : 220°C
  • Speed : 4m/s
Fitting example