The segment type PILAFLON® rod packing has been used widely as a shaft sealing unit at the gland part of oil-less compressor and reciprocating machine.
The rod packing is generally used by the combination of 3-piece type and 6-piece type.
At present, however, the piston ring type(Pillar type) rod packing, which is further resistible against shaft run-out, has become adopted and highly evaluated in each field.
  • The rod packing of this type not only requires no lubricant but also provides the low friction coefficient as well as excellent wear-resisting performance.
  • The rod packing of this type is applicable to a wide temperature range of -100°C up to 220°C.
  • Since the rod packing of this type provides the excellent chemical-resisting performance, it is applicable to almost all gases and fluids.
  • Since the rod packing of this type is resistible against sudden shock, it will never be broken.
  • Pressure : 2.9MPa
  • Temperature : 220°C
  • Speed : 4m/s